The Professional Difference

Improper sealing can damage pavers at worst, and at best will not last long. At Prince Pressure Washing, we are often called upon to fix the problems left by inexperienced or careless contractors or handymen. Our eight years in the business gives us the knowledge and skills required for doing the best possible work. Some of the factors to consider are:

  • Different types of pavers require different products. The best sealant to use will depend on the porosity, location and wear of the pavers, as well as the aesthetic quality desired.
  • When pavers are oversaturated with sealer they may get a milky appearance after a few months. They can also become slippery and dangerous.
  • If pavers are not dry enough before applying sealer, again a milky appearance may be the result. Mold can also grow under the sealer, and moisture accumulated under the sealer may cause spalling, or surface peeling.
  • Improper preparation prior to sealing may cause your pavers to fade or weaken. Conversely, insufficient preparation could trap stains under the sealer.
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